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Internet ecurity and Awareness Training

Turning your weakest security link into your greatest security asset!

"... The first 4 hours had me squirming in my seat about how much I did not know" Heath Care IS Director

Reduce your corporate risk by creating an organizational culture of security by empowering your employees with knowledge.

Security University Security Awareness Training Objective

The ultimate goal of the Security University Security Awareness program is to reduce the risk for your organization from becoming a victim of cyber crime through education and awareness.  Our program content satisfies the awareness training requirements of a broad range of industries . 

What is Cyber Crime?

The information age has created a whole new venue in which to commit fraud, exploit and steal intellectual property costing organizations millions of dollars, individuals their identity, and children their innocence.

Identity Theft is the greatest personal internet danger. "More identities are stolen than cars, and there are 4 cars stolen every minute in the US ". Since Feb 2005, after the ChoicePoint incident, there have been over 40 million identities put at risk.

The number of missing and exploited children has tripled in the last 24 months.   The following information is free to you to pass on to your family, friends, and others in your community

And it's not only intellectual property, but Cyber Crime can include, but is not limited to the following:

So... Are You Secure?

Security University Security Awareness Training Program is a complete package that offers a combination of training methods. It is designed to teach your employees what the computer threats are, and then demonstrates to them the steps that can be taken to avoid them.

Your employees will learn:


Core Curriculum

Social Engineering
Phishing, Scam & Hoax awareness
Computer Viruses
Malicious Code
Internet Usage
Email Usage
Mobile Medium
Incident Response
Acceptable Use
Personal Use and Gain
Physical Security
Data Backup and Storage

Customize parts or all of the core curriculum. You can also customize certain modules for your staff, managers, and security teams which are available in 90 minute sessions to 1 day. 

Ask us about Security awareness training specifically targeted for executives, IT managers, security professionals, system administrators and risk managers that educates about "what" questions to ask to direct and support successful enterprise computer security modalities.

We also customized "takeaways" for your employees to practice safe internet security at home to remotely protect your corporate assets - Ideal for telecommuters and those on the road a lot!

Class Fee: $1,995 per attendee or volume pricing
Learning Level Basic
Time: 4pm -8pm incl social networking
Location: Reston, VA
CPE Credits: 40



When bad things happen, it's usually because our employees didn't know any better.  Who can blame them?  It is up to you to make available the knowledge that will make your organization more secure.

"Valuable information! ... I walked away with 3 pages of questions to ask my teams". CISO Financial

This Internet Security and Awareness threat workshop motivated me to provide an onsite for my team. There are so many changes we need to make, especially about the threat of Trojans and wireless rouges" Alaska Health Care Director